What is Argentium Silver?

Frequently asked questions

Why does Argentium Silver stay brighter and whiter for longer than traditional Sterling silver?

For centuries, Sterling silver has been made by combining silver and copper. In addition to these elements, Argentium’s patented formulation contains another ingredient called germanium – this creates a self-healing, protective layer on the surface that slows the onset of tarnishing. Germanium also gives a brighter, whiter color to Argentium Silver.

Will Argentium Silver turn black like traditional Sterling silver?

While there is not such thing as completely tarnish-free silver, Argentium has been formulated to be highly resistant to the effects of tarnishing agents (including pollution, perspiration and UV light).

What is the best way to care for Argentium Silver pieces?

Simply wipe them with a clean soft cloth or, for more intricate pieces, wash them in warm soapy water, then rinse and dry immediately. An occasional wipe with a clean silver polishing cloth will help maintin Argentium’s shine and lustre. Please do NOT use ‘dip’ polishes with Argentium Silver

As recommended for other precious metals, it is advisable to remove Argentium Silver jewelry before entering swimming pools/jacuzzis and before carrying out activities where jewelry could come into contact with chemicals.

Does Argentium have the same 92.5% silver purity as traditional Sterling silver?

Argentium 935 Silver is always purer than traditional Sterling, with a minimum silver content of 93.5%. 

Can Argentium Silver pieces be resized and repaired?

Yes. Unlike traditional Sterling silver, Argentium does not require plating – it is therefore easier to resize and repair Argentium pieces.

Is Argentium Silver responsible?

Yes. Argentium’s unique and superior properties reduce manufacturing time, labor and resources and Argentium is always made from ethically sourced silver.

Does Argentium Silver contain nickel and is it hypoallergenic?

Argentium is 100% nickel-free, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Watch this informative video on how argentium came to be