Texturing Metal With Raw Silk – June 3, 2018

The texture of raw silk is very subtle but beautiful. I thought I would post a few photos of the process and what I’m doing with it..

Below you have the piece of fabric and metal. I put it through my rolling mill which is like a heavy duty pasta machine. It takes the texture of the fabric and transfers it onto the metal. I wasn’t happy with the first roll so I repeated 2 – 3 more times until I got the texture I wanted. I was able to do that as the pattern is pretty random.

I then cut the textured sheet into two circles.

Next, I measured and cut two pieces of textured copper and placed them on the discs. I took these photos with my camera. Some different filters came up with my favorite photo editing app on my iphone, Snapseed. For the fun of it I posted what it looked like with the “structure” filter and it was changed to darker greys. If the copper was actually silver, that’s probably what it would look like with a patina. It’s nice to be able to see that to help you decide if you want to repeat this in all silver.

Once they’re riveted, I’ll patina and finish. Final photo coming . . .