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Silver Sand Textured Buttons – Set of 5


This sand textured button is a perfect match for beach inspired jewelry!


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There’s something so sensual about putting your feet in the sand at the beach for the first time all season. And it’s so delightfully soothing walking in the sand as the water rushes up over your feet. It’s hard to imagine living somewhere that there are no lakes or oceans. Sand is used for so many things – building materials, landscaping materials, manufacturing of glass and metal casting (not to mention the age old craft of making sand castles). I couldn’t address making textures on buttons without giving homage to the sand beneath our feet!

The texture on these buttons looks like I scooped up a handful of sand and somehow turned it silver (oh, if I only had that ability). Actually the first photo reminds me of little raindrops on the button. It’s because sand has such a glittery effect and is captured so beautifully on these buttons. 

They are 1/2″ sterling buttons made from .935 argentium sterling silver. I sell all my buttons in sets of 5. These buttons can come with a patina and I offer two different sized holes.  The 1.9mm hole is perfect when working with 1.5mm leather cording. I drill 3.0mm holes for larger cording. Also, the buttons can come in other sizes. If interested, you can request that here. Though some like to use these in their wrapped bracelet designs, they can be used for many various projects and are limited only by your creativity.  Are you a sewist or knitter? Do you work in fiber? They are a fine addition and compliment many forms of handmade wearable art. 

I carefully handcraft these buttons for a more modern selection that not just you will appreciate but your customers will enjoy. I use a fine English museum wax over the oxidized buttons. It is layered on and buffed to a nice polish. This helps protect and retain the rich patina in the years to come. Because each button is handmade, there may be variations in what you see photographed – but the differences will be minimal. 

To see more of the artisan buttons I offer, please go here.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Quantity Sets of 5

Eight, Five, Four, Nine, One, Seven, Six, Ten, Three, Two


With Patina, Without Patina

Hole Size

1.9mm, 3.0mm


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