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Silver Elliptical Texture Buttons (Set of 5)


Offer your customers these artisan buttons for their one of a kind creations!


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For probably ten or more years, I have been infactuated with the elliptical shape. I used it a lot in my design work. It wasn’t until I was at a meeting discussing design when we were asked what shapes we keep coming back to in our work. My answer was the elliptical. And my next words were – but I think I’m finally done with it. And as fate would have it, I happened to be turning the pages in my sketch book – I came across, yes, a very recent piece. And it had an elliptical shape. Apparently, that shape runs rampant in my subconscious. If you’re curious what that design was, you can see that necklace here. So you can only imagine my delight when I came across this texture. It has tons of little elliptical shapes galore!

I think the success of this pattern is created by the use of alternating directional rows of elliptical shapes. And when these buttons are oxidized . . . it makes the shapes call out to you. They are pleasing to the eye, but also to the tactile senses.

I sell all of my buttons in groups of five. You can select if you’d like them with or without a patina as well as choosing the proper hole size. They come to you fully finished on the front as well as on the back – something that you as well as your customers will appreciate. They are all made using .935 argentium sterling silver. These buttons work great with wrapped bracelets but are only limited by your imagination. When using 1.5mm leather cord, the 1.9mm hole works best. But when using larger cords, I drill 3.0mm holes. If you are interested in larger buttons, you can request it here.

I take great care in creating these quality artisan buttons. They are carefully handcrafted to give you a more modern choice that not just you will appreciate but your customers will love. When oxidized, I finish them off with a fine English museum wax that will protect and keep the rich patina for years to come. Because each button is handmade, there may be variations in what you see photographed – but the differences will be minimal. 

To see more of the artisan buttons I offer, please go here.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Quantity Sets of 5

Eight, Five, Four, Nine, One, Seven, Six, Ten, Three, Two


With Patina, Without Patina

Hole Size

1.9mm, 3.0mm


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