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Mandala Disc – 2


Mandalas come in many different patterns – thousands actually – all starting with the circle and its centerpoint.


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The mandala, in common use, has become a generic term for any diagram, or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically. The design on this mandala, however is anything but generic. Its beautiful shapes draw you in as you move your eyes around the pattern. It’s no wonder that mandalas are are known for their use in meditations. This mandala is 1.5″ around and made with 20 gauge copper.

These discs can be used in various jewelry projects from earrings to necklaces. But if you like enameling, adding a transparent enamel over it is the technique of basse-taille. This technique allows the light to reflect from the mandala texture and creates a beautiful artistic effect. 

This disc can be domed if desired. Select between concave, convex or flat when checking out. Leave it as is, or add a patina to it and simply hang it on a necklace for a statement piece. 

All items in my shop are quality pieces and all made by myself in my home studio.

To see more of my mandala selection, click here.

This is an example of basse-taille taken from a photo of a piece done by Ricky Frank.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1.5 in

Concave, Convex, Flat


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